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Miners slay Dragons in 53rd Mineral Water Bowl

Kimberely Blackburn, Managing Editor
Excelsior Springs Standard, Friday, December 7, 2018

Miner Head Coach Tyler Fenwick and the Miners celebrate their win at the 53rd Annual Mineral Water Bowl. The Miners bested the Minnesota State University Dragons 51-16. Photo by Kimberely Blackburn.

The Missouri Science and Technology Miners faced off against the Minnesota Moorehead Dragons in the 53rd Annual Mineral Water Bowl game where they won 51-16.

Miners Head Coach Tyler Fenwick said the team played well. After going back and forth in the first quarter, the team, lead by a great group of seniors, came back battling.

"They just kind of kept rolling and just feeding off each other," he said.

Describing their first post season game since 1950 as a great culmination of a great season, Athletic Director Mark Mullin said the team put forth a tremendous effort. The Quarterback Club put on a great game, he said, and the whole experience proved to be a great one for the program.

"Great win for our program and our institution, but it's just been a great experience, the whole thing," he said.

The Miners' first drive began with Dragon Michael Strand and Matthew Domek sacking Tylor Swart resulting in a five yard loss. The Miners punted 32 yards, resulting in Dragon G. Bresnahan making a fair catch beginning Minnesota's first drive.

The Dragon's rushed for 10 yards before rushing for a loss of 23 yards. The Dragons forced a fumble recovered by the Miners Dontay White.

On the Miners' next drive, Swart and Deshawn Jones rushed for a combined 13 yards and attempted a field goal from the 36. The Dragons blocks the attempt with Jerry Raye recovering the ball and returning it 48 yards to the Dragons' 37 yard line.

The Miners' Ben Straatmann intercepted the pass made by Bryce Meehl, returning the ball 13 yards and forcing a turnover.

At the end of the Miners' next drive, J. Banowetz punted 29 yards with Dragon's Bresnahan completing a fair catch. The Dragon's next drive also ended with a punt. B. Ochsendorf punted 29 yards, resulting in the Miners' Rod Chapman completing a fair catch and returning the ball two yards to the Miners' 28-yard line.

The end of the Miner's next drive ended in yet another punt with Banowetz punting 24 yards to the Dragon's Bresnahan who completed a fair catch.

Bresnahan completed Meehl's 62-yard pass to the end zone for the first touchdown of the game with 4:10 left in the first quarter. Joe Tjosvold's kick attempt failed, leaving the Dragons leading 6-0.

Justin Vaughn completed Swart's pass, earning the Dragons 24 yards and a first down. At the end of their drive, Banowetz punted 34 yards ending their drive.

The Dragons rushed a combined 16 yards in their next drive, ending the first quarter.

At the beginning of the second, Rod Chapman intercepted Meehl's pass,, turning the ball back over to the Miners. The Miners then rushed for a combined 57 yards, setting Swart up for a one-yard rush to the end zone. Ben Styron's successful kick attempt left the Miners leading 7-6 with 12:49 left in the first half.

In the Miners' next drive, Jones rushed 10 yards, scoring a touchdown with 8:41 left in the half. Styron's kick left the Miners' leading 14-6.

The Dragons' next drive ended in a 40-yard punt to the 35 and the Miners took back the ball. Austin Griffin completed Swart's 29-yard pass to the end zone. Styron completed his extra-point kick leaving the score 21-6 with 4:30 left in the first half.

The Dragon's passed for a combined 57 yards resulting in a successful field goal by Joe Tjosvold, leaving the score 21-9 with 1:16 left in the half.

In the Dragon's first drive of the second half, Chapman intercepted Meehl's 12-yar pass turning the ball back over to the Miners. P. McAlister then completed Swart's 51-yard pass, scoring a touchdown with 11:57 left in the third quarter. Styron's kick attempt failed, resulting the Miner's leading 27-9.

The Dragons passed a combined 32 yards in their next drive. The Miners then took back over in drives, rushing a combined 34 yards. Braxton Graham completed Swartz's 37-yard pass to score a touchdown with 7:06 left on the clock. Styron's successful kick attempt left the score 34-9, Miners.

The Miners then forced the Dragon's Meehl to fumble, and T. Wharton returned the ball 53 yards to the end zone with 7:06 left in the third quarter. Styron's successful kick attempt left the score 41-9.

The Miners' Ben Straatmann forced Meehl to fumble in the Dragon's next drive. The Miners then rushed for a combined 28 yards and L. Armontrout completed Swart's 12-yard pass to the end zone. Styron's kick left the score 48-9 with 4:23 in the third quarter.

The Miner's rushed a combined 14 yards in their next drive, leaving Styron with a field goal from the 27 with 7:36 left in the game, leaving the Miner leading 51-9.

The Dragons came back and earned a combined 62 yards, setting Evan Moore up to complete Meehl's 13-yard pass to the end zone with 2:38 left in the game.

Tjosvold's successful kick left the final score 51-16.

The Miners' rushed a total of 225 yards in the game, with Jones earning 81, Swart ,56, Payton McAlister, 48, Braxton Graham, 26, and D'Luis West, 14.

The Dragons gained 138 yards throughout the game, but lost 74, resulting in 64 netter yards rushed.

Sward passed 212 yards for the Miners with Meehl passing 191 for the Dragons.

Fenwick said the Dragons should be commended for a great season and a great Mineral Water Bowl game.

"Hats off to Moorhead," he said. "They had a great season and hopefully they can keep it going."

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